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Animal Crossing New Bloody Leaf

The Game Box

Animal Crossing: New Bloody LeafEdit

I used to play Animal Crossing and it was a great game.
Until that terrible day happened i went to gamestop and i wanted New Leaf. I asked the clerk if there was a copy for free. Then the clerk laughed manically. He was crazy and pulled out what i thought was a copy of the game.

Moments later, the clerk gave me a maple leaf with blood on it and a paper. The clerk told me get out. I went home and looked at the paper and words were written for a spell. I said the words, and the bloody leaf, to my surprise turned into the game New Leaf.

But it wasn't normal. Instead of "New Leaf", it said "New Bloody Leaf". And Isabelle's eyes looked like they were poorly Photoshopped onto her, and she was crying tears of blood from her eyes. But that seemed to be about it for now.

Everything was great. I enjoyed being the Mayor. The villagers told me that I should not say anything to make Tom Nook mad, or I would regret it. I thought they were joking, but they had a serious look on their face.

I went to make my town bigger. Isabelle said, "No one wants a terrible mayor like you and no one wanted you". I thought this was odd because no one said that in the gameplay footage of this. I did get this game through odd means though, so maybe it was because of the spell. Anyway, I went to sell some fossils, which were great ways to make money in City Folk, so I tried to give that owl my fossils, but he said no, and hit me in the face. I got a bloody nose. What a jerk, I thought. I wondered why the important town characters hated me so much, though. I wanted to see Tortimer because I was pretty sure he still loved me.

But he cut my leg, and he said, "No one wanted you to be mayor. Why you?".
He died and blew up in a bloody explosion. What just happened? Was there a bomb that he tried to kill me with? I was nervous of what this game was doing. I felt so sick that I literally threw up in my Gamecube, which I'm glad I don't use anymore, and even though I felt sick, I still continued playing. It was night time, and I was talking to Tom Nook. When he was talking about my house, the normal options appeared, but there was another option, in red, and it said "I don't want my house bigger, you son of a bitch". Out of curiosity of what Tom Nook will do, I picked the option. Tom Nook got mad and his eyes turned red. Creepy music played, and he grabbed an axe and said, "Im gonna chop your head off!".

So I ran out the store and then I decided to go to my buddy Apollo's house, the amazing eagle.
I went to his house, but he was all frantic and crazy, and told me to get out of his house.
I left and then blood poored out of his house. I went back in the house, and I saw that Tom Nook chopped his head off,
and said, "You're next...". I ran, but he caught me. I immediately closed my 3DS. Then I slammed it against a table, threw it into a fire, pulled it OUT of the fire, tried to flush it down the toilet, and tried to microwave it, and for the record, I think I'm going to have to get a new microwave.

None of these things worked. It was in perfect condition. I was thinking of just throwing it out the window, but I decided to open the 3DS again, and this time I was in my house, and creepy music played. K.K slider jumped out of my fridge with blood soaked eyes and said, "You will die".
I ran outside. The sky was blood red and the moon wasn't even a moon. It was a giant bloody maple leaf, just like the one the clerk gave me when I got this, and all the animals heads were cut off. Isabelle and that owl's eyes were red and they were covered in blood and they told me "Now you will die, because the real mayor commited suicide. Because you took his place, and that drove him to suicide. You are not the mayor. There was a mix up, and its your fault. He's dead, and because of that, you will suffer for doing this. WE WILL MURDER YOU!

A speech option appeared, saying, "Why kill the townsfolk?". They said: "Because they loved you, but not us. Though we hate you, because we know what you did and we are not gonna let you get away with it. Our master is coming".

I tried to run and escape, but they started flying and shot me with slingshots, and I was thinking, why the heck were they using slingshots? And how could dog even fly? It didn't really matter though, they kept on shooting me, and every shot would slow me down. I tried to run but they caught up and kept on slowing me down. I tripped on Apollo's dead body. Then Tom Nook came back, and said: "Hope you like Real-D." Then tom nook jumped out of the screen. Then I screamed like a cat.

this is a fake dumb ass story and i eat poooop and sniff farts and smell trouts i eat with my underwear and im 7 yearz oldfgEdit

1v1 me irl

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