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Welcome to Gaming Creepypasta Wiki

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"Bringing you entertaining, sweet nightmares since the creation of gaming creepypasta"

- Founder and admin

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The wiki in which your gaming creepypastas can be shared with the world! Tell us of your hauntings in video games, or just other scary shizzle....

A gaming creepypasta is a creepy story, usually based on a haunting in a game, which you post on the internet. Your creepypasta could end up famous on the internet, it could even make it's way onto YouTube, so make sure they are good! Don't post any piles of dump you made in three seconds! ;)

You can get started by going to the Article Index or easly go to the Category Site for stories.

Big thing: don't forget to read the rules, too. It is very important that you do so.

If you wish to appeal a ban, contact or email the blocking admin. If you need any help, or need to report a bug or any situation, please contact/report an active admin.

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Note: C.G. Wiki does not accept strong content. Stories with strong content belong here.

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