um a last year i had a NIGHTMARE called The ghost face one day i was watching a youtube video called top 10 lost episode creepy pastas but  and i saw the ugly scream mask but i had nightmares some  and i saw a girl with a scream mask on then she take it off and saw whats in her skin then the skin rips off and the girl kept screaming and the ghost face It was not a costume not more it was a rib cage and the face and came out of the girl and its robe was on it but its face it was not plastic it was flesh and white skin called very white and the nose it was like a skeleton the eyes the peanut eye the where real its had red eyes and a few days later the car we driving and we saw muck my brother he was he said all take it then the ghost face it was real its hood was on he was real i woke up and it was a nightmare i was telling on you i love you jasmine